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The high-quality Eeveve foam play mat is ideal for all of your child's developmental stages. It's perfect for tummy time, learning to roll, sitting, crawling, and even provides a safe surface under play rings or a slide. With its beautiful designs, the play mat will enhance your interior decor! Plus, it's easy to store because it's composed of puzzle pieces.

High quality EVA FOAM
Thickness: 1.2cm | 0.47"
Material features: Soft and cushioning, non-slip, waterproof and allergy-friendly surface.
Can be used on any type of floor. However, we do not recommend placing the play mat on a carpet.


Dimensions per tile: 60 x 60 cm
Thickness: 1.2cm | 0.47"

180 x 120 cm
6 tiles + borders

Extra large
240 x 180 cm
12 tiles + borders


365 days warranty.

Safety first

Equipped with CE certificate.
European EN71 standards and REACH approved.

Cleaning tips

Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
Advice to clean the mat daily.
Do not use products containing acid or chlorine.
Dries naturally or use a dry cloth.

Images and color disclaimer

We strive to display the colors in our web images as accurately as possible. However, due to variations in computer monitors and screen brightness, there may be slight differences between what you see and what you ultimately receive. We aim to avoid any surprises, so if you're in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact us via email.

Customer review
I've been an Eeveve fan from the very beginning because of their unique balance between high functionality and user-friendliness on one hand, and fantastic design on the other. Family life is already busy enough, so as a parent, I want things that are practical, but I really appreciate that Eeveve also creates things that seamlessly fit our style. I don't have to compromise in any aspect, which truly makes it a top brand for me!
— Stephanie Duval - Netherlands
Having a 2-year-old at home, I wish I had known about the Eeveve play mats earlier. It's a soft play area that fits perfectly in his bedroom! I feel more at ease when he's jumping around or playing with his climbing rack!
— Pauline Naessens - France
Do know the perfect gift? I'm often asked this question. And yes!!!! Since we've discovered Eeveve, we're fans! Since we have the play mat, there's so much more playtime in our playroom. It makes it attractive for our kids to play on a lovely mat. Secretly, it's great for me too because I can sit comfortably alongside! Here, the mat is really something we enjoy every day. It's beautiful in design and soft! We're thrilled with it!
— Dore Kuppens - Netherlands
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